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The Welcome Project PA is a 501c non-profit community-based organization that envisions a world where everyone can access resources needed for a healthy and happy life. We believe we heal and grow in community and envision a world where all people feel safe, connected, and empowered.

We are proud to be able to expand our services to offer affirming and affordable therapy for the LGBTQ+ community and its allies. 

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Mission and Vision 

Our Mission

To be a welcoming and inclusive safe place for marginalized and vulnerable populations by providing diverse services to improve their well-being and to bring about positive social change in Greater Philadelphia.


Our Vision

The WPPA offers a safe environment to the LGBTQ+ communities, refugees, vulnerable faith communities, and those living in poverty lacking basic necessities. By partnering with local professionals and organizations, WPPA provides educational resources, support groups, social activities and events, legal services, advocacy, food and nutrition services, interfaith learning and cooperation and trauma-informed therapy, healing and counseling throughout the year.

All Hands In
Building Community

Our therapeutic services looks to provide not only personal therapy but also works to build connection to the community. 

Couples Therapy
Therapeutic Approach

Affirmative care for the LGBTQ+ community is more than just a slogan. It requires the clinician to work to develop competencies relevant to our community actively. Our team is active in pursuing education and continuing professional development, we have focused our work on understanding the process of gender identity development and building resilience in LGBTQ+ youth. Our team is experienced in both virtual online and in-person mental health services.

Therapist and Patient
Use of Diagnosis

Mental health diagnosis can help provide a common understanding of a condition, help identify treatment options, and provide access to health insurance coverage. However, a mental health diagnosis can sometimes carry a stigma, affecting employment, housing, and relationships. Before making any diagnosis, our team will partner with you to consider the benefits and possible consequences.

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